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People, Alas, Are Devilish Enough

I don’t mean to beat the Urrutigioty/Groeschel dead horse, but I thought commenter Brian Gallagher had a useful observation: EWTN has a phenomenal batting average for finding these guys. I’m especially impressed by the damnatio memoriae efforts they take to … Continue reading

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On My Bookshelf: Radical Hospitality

Lonni Collins Pratt and Fr. Daniel Homan, a Benedictine monk collaborated on the fine book Radical Hospitality: Benedict’s Way of Love. One of my parishioners recommended it to me months ago, and it finally made it to my bookshelf last … Continue reading

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I do recommend Charles’ post on Robin Williams–there’s not too much Bill O’Reilly–really. I like the reflections there. I haven’t read too many others. The young miss, I think I mentioned, broke the news to me, and commented on how … Continue reading

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Bishops On Retreat

The farthest I’ve ever traveled to go on retreat was about 2,000 miles. For the Spiritual Life Institute, it was either there or Nova Scotia, about a thousand miles in another direction. Every other time, it’s within a day’s drive … Continue reading

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Shift To Beatitudes

Hey! That Pope Francis snitched my idea! Truth be told, he just expanded on it. dotCommonweal’s David Cloutier reflected on it a but more deeply: While this teaching is likely to get far less press that his statements on hot-button … Continue reading

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Ignatius of Loyola, Writing Mentor

Regarding Ignatius’ letter to Pierre Favre, this is the last attempt to link what he told other Jesuits about writing and what we might deduce he would say about blogging. Get better at it, and love it: I exhort you, … Continue reading

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Ignatius of Loyola: Some Blogging Advice

As I mentioned yesterday, I stumbled across Ignatius’ letter to Pierre Favre, and it struck me for the lessons it contained for bloggers and blogging. In telling why he wrote so many letters, Ignatius wrote: It helps keep me from making … Continue reading

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