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Saints To Be Made

MoDo, certainly not a saint for internet Catholic true believers, is bound to raise blood pressures and temperatures with her NYT smackdown of one blessed here. And this, particularly, will be hard for many to swallow: The Vatican had a hard … Continue reading

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Which Worship Aids?

I noticed that thread on PrayTell (where my friend Charles gave a good poke) about the option to “spiritually commune” with a liturgy of one’s (traditionalist) choice online. I have a few takes on this. First, it’s not a big … Continue reading

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An Invitation Mirrored: Come and See

I noticed the line in last weekend’s Gospel, a repeat of an earlier invitation offered by the Lord. Earlier: The next day John was there again with two of his disciples, and as he watched Jesus walk by, he said, “Behold, … Continue reading

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Apocalyptic and Gnostic Things

It’s a phenomenon among bloggers, and looking back to 1998, it seems to have always been with many of us. While it can be easy enough to find online allies, it still serves some among us to look back decades … Continue reading

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Four, Nine, and Eleven

Those are good Gospel numbers for Lent. Sunday Mass this year features these great encounters with the Lord Jesus. As does the online Ignatian retreat for week 25. I couldn’t believe it when I saw it the other day. One … Continue reading

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Blogger Steve Skojec got a lot of attention for his Pope Francis skepticism this past Fall. I noticed on a blog aggregation site a link to this extended essay that kept him up half the night putting together. Look at … Continue reading

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Today is the second white feast of Lent. Christmas minus nine months. When the parishioner who oversees vestment dry cleaning came in for the “spring cleaning” Sunday, I remembered to have her save a white chasuble. Aside from white, the … Continue reading

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Astronomy Conference

This looks interesting. The Vatican Observatory Foundation is offering a five-day conference in Tucson next January: What can modern astronomy tell us about creation – and its Creator? Guy Consolmagno, SJ, on it: Our hope is that this can become … Continue reading

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Beyond Healing, Beyond Miracles

Recently in the Spiritual Exercises, I was exposed to a new way of viewing the healing miracles of Jesus. The Jesuit Larry Gillick asks, “What then?” The retreatant is encouraged to reflect at length on these experiences of healing. I … Continue reading

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Okay, so I have a few questions about the Australians considering a restoration of year-round Friday abstinence from meat. Why do we need bishops to tell us when not to eat meat? The US bishops have advocated abstinence and fasting … Continue reading

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Mercy, Wide and Late

The concluding hymn at the parish struck me today in a way it has never done before. Two things. First, wideness, wideness, and kindness: There’s a wideness in God’s mercy, like the wideness of the sea. There’s a kindness in … Continue reading

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I Don’t Want A Francis Effect

I put it in the headline to underscore I’m serious. Not cynical. Not making a funny. Cathy Lynn Grossman at RNS cites some Pew Research on Catholic thinking and behavior since last March 13th. Truthfully, I don’t want people showing … Continue reading

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The Long Retreat Begins

The forty days are counted from this coming Sunday through sundown on Holy Thursday. I often tell people that this week’s four days are a prelude, a practice period, and preparation space to get accustomed to the Lord’s voice and … Continue reading

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Riches, Honor, and What Was That Other … ?

I thought my internet foils would share a laugh on me, one of the things (aside from heterodoxy) I’m most often accused of. I was reflecting on week 17 of the online Ignatian retreat. I thought that week was a … Continue reading

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Retreat Update

I’ve been continuing along in the online spiritual exercises. I’ve fallen a bit behind on the schedule. My director affirms this is acceptable, for the weeks when insights come slowly or my resistance is strong or when something good on … Continue reading

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