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Of Self-Hatred

Maybe this is an old piece of vocabulary that doesn’t translate well: hatred of self. Peter Kwasniewski at NLM: Why were the character of the Lenten collects and postcommunions so radically altered away from the constant theme of detachment from the … Continue reading

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Modern Catholic Mysticism

A few related threads from different sources in the blogosphere caught my attention today. This essay that follows doesn’t have a clear conclusion, really. It’s more an unfinished line of thought. So if you readers have more to add, to refine, feel free. … Continue reading

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Spiritual Over Speculative

In the second week of the online Ignatian retreat, we are advised to probe more deeply into our stories of faith. It has been a rich experience thus far, unearthing old episodes in my life and looking a bit more … Continue reading

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On My Bookshelf: Strange Gods

Most often, I meet authors through their books, and them amble over to their web sites or blogs. More rarely do I read a book by someone I’ve known first as a blogger. Elizabeth Scalia’s Strange Gods is featured in … Continue reading

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Field Work

I’ve commented for print elsewhere about the nods to liturgy in the Pope Francis interview. I think I’ll look at one section of the piece that shows a preference for field work over the laboratory. The three key words that … Continue reading

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Online Retreat, Day 5, These Gifts

The plan for the first week of the Ignatian online retreat is to page through my life as if it were a photo album. Sometimes it has been more like a soundtrack. Yesterday, an unpublished song by my friend Mike … Continue reading

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No Gossip

In the first week of this online retreat, we are called to consider our life’s stories. I was thinking back to many memories of the days before I was baptized (at age 11), but one that stood out a little … Continue reading

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Voyager 1 At The Boundaries

David Gibson at RNS writes: Voyager 1 has left the solar system. This is pretty awesome, in the true sense of that shopworn word. Has anyone parsed the theology of this moment? Is there one? I wish there were. Let … Continue reading

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Online 34 Weeks

As part of the preparation for my Christian Spirituality studies next summer, I’m committing to this online Ignatian retreat. I may share some reflections coming off this retreat. More or less. Long-time readers know that while I’m not hesitant about … Continue reading

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On Envy

On the heels of Cardinal Bertone’s “crows and vipers” remark about Vatican gossip, Pope Francis hits hard with a homily about “gossip that kills.” The Church has always been especially vulnerable to envy. Envy’s prime expression in people is usually gossip, the … Continue reading

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Praying For The Dead

On the 2 Maccabees thread, my friend Dick Martin is hard at work trying to convince that praying for the dead is wrong. He’s done his research on Catholicism, and has a passel of quotes from Scripture. But his case … Continue reading

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Knowing the Will of God

My friend and frequent commenter on 2 Maccabees, Dick Martin, put a premise before me earlier today. Now, those of you who track recent comments here know that Dick has been trying to convince me of something for a while. … Continue reading

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Anima Christi

The Anima Christi prayer has been on the fringes of my awareness for some time. But only fringes. For a time, it was thought Ignatius Loyola composed it, as he cites it in the Spiritual Exercises, but that notion has … Continue reading

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Giving and Taking Away

Aging with grace. That is still ahead of me. I suppose if I continue blogging, you readers will see the aging, and if I’m unfortunate, the gracelessness of that. My wife is almost always too nice to be critical. She … Continue reading

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St Ignatius on Respect

I’ve been reading Joseph Tetlow’s commentary on the Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius Loyola. Part of number 22 reads: Every good Christian is more ready to find a correct meaning in a neighbor’s statement than to reject it as erroneous. If we … Continue reading

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