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Another Saint Peter

Pope Francis set aside required miracle #2 for Pierre Favre, SJ, and named one of my favorite Jesuits a saint. My favorite quote (blogged last week) from the man: Seek grace for the smallest things, and you will also find … Continue reading

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Merton in Advent, 1948

Thomas Merton’s The Seven Storey Mountain was probably the first or second spiritual book I ever read, way back in my college days. I’m not a Merton fan(atic) like some people I know. You readers who read me carefully know … Continue reading

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Cardinal Mahony Featured

Check this devastating report on Cardinal Roger Mahony. The man has largely disappeared from public view since the conclave. But in retirement he still blogs, mainly in immigration policy advocacy. The report seems thorough and balanced–more than fair to a man … Continue reading

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Tabernacle From Japan

My friend Bill sent me an image of the Eucharistic Tabernacle from a Franciscan chapel in Tokyo. I wasn’t enamored of the choice to place it behind the presider’s chair. Otherwise, I found the design elegant in every way: the … Continue reading

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On My Bookshelf: Ignatian Humanism

I’ve just finished this inspirational book by theologian Ronald Modras. It’s taken me about six weeks, but don’t let that guide your possible opinion of the work. This is a book that has accompanied me during my online experience of … Continue reading

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A Central Christ

Pope Francis preaches the centrality of Christ, in three ways. Christ at the center of creation, of his people, and of history: 1. The apostle Paul, in the second reading, taken from the letter to the Colossians, offers us a … Continue reading

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Mary No Postmaster

Yesterday’s Pope Francis homily was headlined in a few places suggesting that curiosity is bad. I thought that a curious thing, so I went a little deeper. Sometimes curiosity is a locus for confusion: Curiosity impels us to want to … Continue reading

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On My Bookshelf: Jesuit Saturdays

I’ve spent the last few weeks paging through a collection of essays in William Byron’s slim volume subtitled Sharing the Ignatian Spirit with Friends and Colleagues. With widespread fascination (or consternation) with Pope Francis, this book might have some valuable … Continue reading

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Narcissism, Narcissism Everywhere

This isn’t a post about this past weekend’s tax collector. I think he was alright. First, Jesus talked about him as an illustration, and not as a real human being. So a question: can a guilty person be a narcissist? … Continue reading

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Curia On Retreat

That headline is correct; it’s not “curia in retreat.” CNS has the news of Pope Francis’s plans for the 2014 Lenten retreat: It will be held at a retreat center about twenty miles outside of Rome It will be led … Continue reading

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Psalm 10 and the Heart of Darkness

In my daily lectio I’ve been experimenting with some psalms to assist me in the difficult reflections on sinfulness in the fifth week of the online Ignatian retreat. Today, I found a familiar tone in the tenth Psalm: They think … Continue reading

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“In The Dark”

I will admit my fifth week of online Ignatian retreat isn’t going well in the sense of warm interior feelings and such. The reflection on sin is disturbing in any situation. I felt completely thrown for a loop with more … Continue reading

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Home and Reflecting

We were told the MRI would run about an hour, maybe ninety minutes. Every medical check-up we’ve ever had with the young miss has been good news. And there’s not much that can go wrong in magnetic resonance imaging. After … Continue reading

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Light Posting For a Few Days

You readers may get a few posts tomorrow. Maybe not. Maybe nothing till Wednesday night. I was doing most of my internet work from bed today–due to a combination of a head cold and fall allergies. I have a few … Continue reading

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Using the Examen to Reflect on Music Ministry

One of the great graces of campus ministry is mentoring young student leaders. Recently, one of them was describing concern over a (perceived) character flaw that seemed to be an obstacle to effective ministry. I suggested adapting the Ignatian Examen. … Continue reading

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