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Poverty, Immaturity, Narcissism

According to Tom Ehrich, these three are the biggest threats to marriage. Not gays, feminists, contraceptives, or other conservative boogeymen and scapegoats of the past half century. I tend to agree. We married couples can be our own worst enemies … Continue reading

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A Meaningful Peace, An Honest Struggle

One of those post-conciliar flashpoints, the Rite of Peace, is discussed at length at PrayTell this week. My favorite comment comes from commenter Jonathan Day: On the peace: it is hard for me to see why anyone would object to … Continue reading

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Prayer Resources

I posted this on the parish’s liturgy facebook page yesterday. We provide resources for prayer, but as with many church things, you have to know where to look. At the very top, we have a few missalettes for people who … Continue reading

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(Watch)Dogging the Atheists

It’s a battle of prayers in the Arizona House. Atheist Rep Juan Mendez on Tuesday: Most prayers in this room begin with a request to bow your heads.  I would like to ask you not to bow your heads. I … Continue reading

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Head of Christ

This is the face of Christ. Have you encountered him lately? It seems appropriate that people encounter this Christian Petersen sculpture outside of our parish’s reconciliation chapel. There was an interesting discussion on PrayTell touching on that personal relationship with … Continue reading

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Invoking the Trinity for Someone

I have a quick bicycle commute to the parish from home. It takes me about eight minutes in the morning, as it’s largely downhill. Then I sweat a bit on the 11-minute return leg. My legs feel good after a … Continue reading

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When the People Do Not Love the Shepherd

Some Catholics have a problem with the perceived imbalance of this “limited” petition from Eucharistic Prayer II: Remember, Lord, your Church, spread throughout the world, and bring her to the fullness of charity, together with Francis our Pope and N. … Continue reading

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Another Day of Easter

A lovely quote from Gerard Manley Hopkins: Let him easter in us, be a dayspring to the dimness of us, be a crimson-cresseted east.

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On My Bookshelf: Shadows of the Heart

Evelyn and James Whitehead have written a slew of books touching on ministry, theology, and psychology. I found this mid-90′s volume, subtitled “A Spirituality of the Painful Emotions” on the bookshelf in my parish’s library. It tackles some very difficult … Continue reading

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More Myers and Fugee

Interesting developments in New Jersey. RNS recounts it as Fugee out, Myers still in. The full piece is in The Rev. Michael Fugee, who attended youth retreats and heard confessions from minors in defiance of a lifetime ban on such … Continue reading

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Magic Spell

The hand-wringing over Pope Francis and the (lack of) media criticism seems to be building. I find it all a number two attraction to the Catholic conservative spinning over other aspects of his ministry. Sandro Magister headlines the phenomenon as … Continue reading

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The east balcony looks almost normal. However, the plants and furniture haven’t returned, nor the image of Saint Jude from the old Reconciliation Chapel. It was a sunny Spring day when we did a walk-through of the building Monday. I … Continue reading

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“Walking Miracle”

The post title is how the doctors in Florida described my sister-in-law. I want to thank all those who prayed for her and for my wife and our family. It looked very bleak on Good Friday: taking her off the … Continue reading

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Snacking on the Word: Luke 22:33-34

I was struck by Peter’s earnest support in today’s Passion reading: Lord, I am prepared to go to prison and to die with you. And we know how that ended. Jesus said: I tell you, Peter, before the cock crows … Continue reading

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Pope Francis on Evangelization I

From another interview, when discussing the missionary spirit of the faith: Staying, remaining faithful implies an outgoing. Precisely if one remains in the Lord one goes out of oneself. Paradoxically precisely because one remains, precisely if one is faithful one changes. One … Continue reading

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