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Minnesota Saturday

Did I mention blogging would be light yesterday? My wife and I had an enjoyable day trip to the Twin Cities, capped off by watching my first English Premier League team in live action. I might have chosen a more … Continue reading

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Friday Futbol

There actually isn’t any football today. I noticed that the first round of the UEFA Europa League has commenced. There’s a team from Andorra? Much has been made of the Germany-Argentina match-up as a pope on pope kind of thing. … Continue reading

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Soccer Made In Germany

Anybody remember that show? (Check this tribute.) Did it replay in some way earlier this afternoon? The only top level sporting event that might have topped this might have been this game from the ancient annals of the NFL. Are … Continue reading

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More Football

The daily feast of World Cup football is over. The quarterfinals ended today, and the defenses are clamping down tighter and tighter as we go. About three goals per game in the group stage–that was fun. Of course, maybe one … Continue reading

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Making Apologies and Amends

Two things I noticed in recent news. First, a rather uncharacteristic apology from a celebrity. Why uncharacteristic? Not because of the man giving it. I noticed the refreshingly direct language: I deeply regret … I apologize … I vow … … Continue reading

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Midday Football Break

Ate my lunch to the second half of France-Nigeria with one of my classmates who is from Nigeria. We were rooting for Africa. The other priest in the room, from Poland, is going all-Europe in his cheering preferences. CONCACAF nearly … Continue reading

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On Football

NPR has five reasons why the world’s football (not the pigskin) has a sudden surge in popularity in the States. Will it last in a way opposite from the 70’s, when I played the sport and rooted for my hometown … Continue reading

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Suarez Sinks the English

I see the Liverpool striker has sunk all his English mates from the Premier League with two goals today. I knew his history, abusing opponents verbally and physically. Watching him this season, I was impressed with his work ethic and unselfishness. … Continue reading

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As I type, Brazil has equalized against a spirited Croatia. But the bishops of the host nation are greatly displeased with their government and sport organizers. Are there enough oligarchs, the Brazilian 1%, to fill these new stadiums? Will the … Continue reading

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The Last European Football

Got some office work and an engaged couple consultation out of the way this morning. So I watched the heroic defensive effort from Atlético de Madrid today. Had to get back to church for the late afternoon Mass, so I … Continue reading

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May Football

Premier League over and FA Cup done, but there’s still lots of football to follow. The young miss will not be pleased, but her favorite stateside player has been dropped from the US World Cup squad. I haven’t been following … Continue reading

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Football There and There

ESPN hosts blogs for each of the English Premier League teams. I’ve been following the ones for Swansea and Cardiff most of this past season. Yesterday all twenty sites posted final grades for the teams. B-plus and F, respectively: no surprise … Continue reading

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Last Day

Because it’s Sunday, and not Saturday, I will have to miss the festival of football on ten NBC networks this morning. It’s also Confirmation at a 2pm Mass, so I’ll miss all the post-game punditry, too. The young miss would be … Continue reading

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Football Future

Officially, one of my teams drops from the Premier League, as of Saturday. Disheartening, but it seems more just than the American system of rewarding teams with high draft choices from the slave college ranks. Cardiff City are one of … Continue reading

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Not Quite A Relegation Battle

Today’s early EPL game is Spurs versus WHU. First half is all I get today, as a full Saturday docket awaits at the parish, and I’ve had the last two days off with the recovering patient at home. It’s got … Continue reading

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