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Swans and Devils

I am really, really looking forward to the Premier League opener a week from Saturday. It will divide the household. If, that is, the young miss is awake enough to root for her Red Devils. Maybe I won’t wake her … Continue reading

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In 1933, the NFL moved the goalposts ten years closer–to the goal line–to make the kicking game easier. I think it was the seventies that it moved back to the end line. I noticed that the No Fun League let … Continue reading

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Football Foam

This is good news. The refs used that foam-out-of-a-can to mark defense of a free kick as well as ball placement in the World Cup. One of the early games I noticed the players were a bit stubborn, not moving … Continue reading

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Sixteen Days

The Premier League site is previewing teams for the upcoming season. My favorite side is featured today. (Or is that favourite?) I’ve long been a skeptic relying on “corporate” sites for following sports. I’ve never even visited the official NFL … Continue reading

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Minnesota Saturday

Did I mention blogging would be light yesterday? My wife and I had an enjoyable day trip to the Twin Cities, capped off by watching my first English Premier League team in live action. I might have chosen a more … Continue reading

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Friday Futbol

There actually isn’t any football today. I noticed that the first round of the UEFA Europa League has commenced. There’s a team from Andorra? Much has been made of the Germany-Argentina match-up as a pope on pope kind of thing. … Continue reading

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Soccer Made In Germany

Anybody remember that show? (Check this tribute.) Did it replay in some way earlier this afternoon? The only top level sporting event that might have topped this might have been this game from the ancient annals of the NFL. Are … Continue reading

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