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Who Should Be The Patron Saint of Soccer?

Here’s a good question for the sports-minded. An Austrian journalist and (of course) the Salesian News Agency are promoting Saint John Bosco. It’s probably not lofty enough for John Paul II, who still awaits official sainthood. He was a very … Continue reading

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World Cup Musings

The young miss and I mostly dozed through this morning matchup in the World Cup. It’s been cool to have an offspring who likes sports. When we were at the doc yesterday, we excused ourselves to the car to pick … Continue reading

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A Little Argentinian Church

Tom has his dander up about it. I’m sure his commentariat will be crushing Hyundai by refusing to buy their next automobile from that corporation. What do you think? Thud? Blasphemy? Cute? I would have thought the soccer ball would … Continue reading

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Bring Out the Tromba!

The French want the African vuvuzela banned from the stadiums. Except for the efficient and devastating German side, it seems the monotone B♭ is suppressing scoring at the World Cup. Captain Patrice Evra: We can’t sleep at night because of … Continue reading

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Soccer Spring

Starting at number 2, on the AMS White Team … My daughter, the athlete. Dad is proud.

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Church on the Ball

A nice-looking web site from Africa on the upcoming World Cup tournament, a first that an African nation hosts, and the opportunity of faith: This is an opportunity to highlight the important role that sport plays in our African cultures. … Continue reading

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Reject the Role Models

My favorite sportswriter from my previous city has a good piece up advising us to ditch pro athletes as our idols. Read it and see if you can argue against the conclusion: Let’s hold ourselves to the standards we hold … Continue reading

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The Sports Fan’s News

Brian St Paul has a thoughtful post on being a sports fan. It’s nice to be free of the ball and chain that is my television with a sports event on it. On the other hand, adversaries in the liturgy … Continue reading

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Rooting Interests

Had dinner with my elder brother, his wife, and her friend and employer last night. They popped in at 7PM Mass at the parish–always a nice surprise. We went to a local pub/restaurant for decent food and weak service afterward. … Continue reading

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NFL 2009

Dale asked about my NFL prognostication for the upcoming season in progress. I’m not really excited about football this fall. I think the 49ers are for real but the Jets aren’t. I have doubts on the Cowboys and Patriots and … Continue reading

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Four Quick Hits

Assorted brief non-liturgical commentary, in no particular order … – I heard on NPR yesterday that US physicians support a public option 73-27 percent, despite AMA opposition. A college chum offers some sense in the face of anti-choice arguments. – … Continue reading

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Preseason Baptism

There are so many levels on which to comment on this story, I don’t know where to start. 1. A coach getting ten of his players baptized before football season: is there some need of divine intervention on the playing … Continue reading

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Cup and Music

So the Cup goes to Pittsburgh, one of the few teams in the NHL I follow. Back to the 70′s, when after listening to my favorite team finish up, I would scan the AM broadcast band on my vacuum-tube radio … Continue reading

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Take Me Out …

I don’t remember field trips like this when I was a kid. Check that: in seventh grade, our class trip was a visit to Cooperstown. Not only did we enjoy the Baseball Hall of Fame, but the Farmer’s Museum, too. … Continue reading

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Football: Protestant, Catholic, or Other?

An interesting discussion at dotCommonweal about American football. To the question, I’d have to say that if anything, football is to Christianity as Christianity is to Judaism. Check that, football is sort of like one particular rite (like the Ambrosian … Continue reading

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