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The Armchair Liturgist: Easter Octave Extras

In the Easter Octave, there are a few extra pieces. Extra, in the sense of these not being the usual part of a weekday Mass. The Gloria and the Sequence were sung at the student Thursday night Mass last night. … Continue reading

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The Armchair Liturgist Reminds Liturgical Ministers

One or two of my colleagues think I pamper my liturgical ministers. A person in an important role in worship should not need a reminder. But on the sign-up forms, we give them an opportunity to check a box that … Continue reading

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The Armchair Liturgist: Stations of the Cross

The pastor forwarded an email from one of our students asking about Friday stations during Lent. Are they “traditional,” we were asked. Does a priest lead them? Good questions. What constitutes a “traditional” way of the cross? For many people, … Continue reading

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The Armchair Liturgist Displays The Book of the Elect

My parish displays the Book of the Elect each Lent. Not every parish utilizes this book beyond sending to Election or the Rite of Election itself. Once in a parish, we had the book of the deceased out in November, … Continue reading

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The Armchair Liturgist: Distributors of Ashes

The Big Day is only a week away. My schedulers leave our four Ash Wednesday Masses blank, so the more enthusiastic liturgical ministers get duty, as I post on Facebook, send emails, and they ask me at Mass. One duty not on … Continue reading

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The Armchair Liturgist: Entry Into a Year-Long Catechumenate

My parish’s RCIA director has two people new to the Church entering the catechumenate this weekend. We will celebrate the Rite of Acceptance, always one of my favorite rituals, at 10:30 Mass tomorrow. These folks will be in the catechumenate … Continue reading

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The Armchair Liturgist: Presidential Chair in a Small Chapel

I‘ve noticed at PrayTell they have a variation on the Armchair Liturgist feature, non solum, to discuss optional matters of liturgy and worship. I like this series so far. Here’s a good issue to discuss while sitting in the armchair … Continue reading

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