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Silence of the Wolves

Another lament about the state of the conservative blogosphere from Dr William Oddie at the Catholic Herald. Dr Oddie on his own writing: More and more, my heart just isn’t in it; and I blog less than I did. Now, … Continue reading

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Getting Personal

Think much of a personal relationship with God? There’s an interesting discussion at the online version of Homiletic and Pastoral Review about it. Sherry Weddell takes some heat for her treatment of Catholics. But I think the treatment is suspect … Continue reading

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Treating Guests

Observant readers will notice Max has arrived. If you follow the Religion News Service, you will know that he is a persistent (some would say annoying) presence in the comment boxes there. I’ll offer some general thoughts on him, on … Continue reading

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Farewell To Open And Free

… and maybe conservative Catholic bloggers, too? A few bloggers, here and here, lament the fading and withdrawal of Catholic blogging over the past year. Their thoughts, as well as those of their commentariats are more illustrative than illuminating. The … Continue reading

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Seen But Not Here

Laurence Rosania’s “The Supper of the Lord” has tripped up a few Catholics since its first appearance twenty years ago. For a line that begins with such a Catholic thought, how could it go so wrong so fast? Precious body, precious … Continue reading

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Profanation Versus Sanctification

My friend Charles has had a near-monopoly at the Chant Cafe this week, and I was struck by his musings on profanation via music at the Mass. The tune I remember as a kid from my mom’s PP&M vinyl as … Continue reading

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A Hermeneutic of Suspicion

Professors caution against using the internet as a source for scholarly material. Rightly so. Neil once did a language/linguistics/grammar study of our site and found we’re talking like grad students here. Well, now that I’m a grad student again, I can tell … Continue reading

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Where Have All The Bloggers Gone

I was reflecting the other day on how much the Catholic blogosphere has changed in the twelve, thirteen years since I started visiting. I used to think in 2002, 2003-ish that it was too late to start a blog. And I … Continue reading

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Freedom To Fail

Early in their latest book, Michael White and Tom Corcoran drop the bonbon that a huge majority of churches in the US are shrinking. Maybe the number is ninety percent. Or very close to it. Here in the Archdiocese of … Continue reading

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The Culture of Complaint, Again

I’m starting to feel badly for bishops, especially the CDF and their American allies in the episcopacy. I really am, and this isn’t an attempt at humor or sarcasm. Phyllis Zagano offers a scoreline, and she’s not missing the mark. … Continue reading

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More Blog Breaking

A Roman Catholic deacon from England, Nick Donnelly, will pull the plug on his blog Sunday. I followed this story with interest this past Lent. The Catholic Herald website reports on it here. The feeling at CH seems a bit … Continue reading

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Too Much PPP?

One of the best Catholic bloggers surfaces occasionally at dotCommonweal where, very early this morning (Commonweal time, I presume), he suggested “#enoughalready.” So it has come to this.  We are now debating the doctrinal authority of papal tweets and phone … Continue reading

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Hell and Remarriage: Whose Business?

Lots of internet damage control today on a piece of gossip: did Pope Francis tell a woman who “shouldn’t” be receiving the Eucharist that she could? The usual suspects weigh in. Plus lots of Catholic chicken littles thinking the sky is … Continue reading

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The Council Goes Silent

Anybody know what happened to that fine effort, Conciliaria? I really enjoyed the historical perspective of the 1960’s, unfolding fifty years after various Catholic events or Catholic interpretations of timely events. The site’s had nothing since last June.

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Apocalyptic and Gnostic Things

It’s a phenomenon among bloggers, and looking back to 1998, it seems to have always been with many of us. While it can be easy enough to find online allies, it still serves some among us to look back decades … Continue reading

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