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One things about the internet, call it great or not, is that it lends itself to easy editing in many fora. I read Msgr Charles Pope’s post on Cardinal Dolan opening up the floodgates of Sodom and Gomorrah to wash … Continue reading

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Crux Chats Dolan

John Allen/Boston Globe‘s new site, Crux, has an extended interview with Cardinal Timothy Dolan. You know: the archbishop taking a lot of heat this week for the perception he’s caved in to LGBT folks and he’s snuffed the St Fulton … Continue reading

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Fr Groeschel Caught Up In Urrutigoity Scandal

With the curtain up on part 3 of the Carlos Urrutigoity soap opera at dotCommonweal, retired EWTN celebrity and supporting player Benedict Groeschel is put under an uncomfortable spotlight, post and commentariat both. What constitutes piling on an elderly man, … Continue reading

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Dealing With The Distasteful

I was trolling around facebook and I found a new iteration of an old, bad idea. The good news, I suppose, is that the wind has gone out of those angry, possibly envious, sails. The original site is now gone. But … Continue reading

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Reform2 Dialogues OCP

A friend has posted communications to and fro with the West Coast’s big liturgical music publisher. The effort started here. The Chant Café ban is back in place for me, so I thought I’d engage Charles out of sight/site from … Continue reading

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Is Survival The Plan?

More blogging lament, this time across the Atlantic from me. The title was intriguing enough: “If the Catholic blogosphere is to survive then our bloggers must become more Catholic.” I wasn’t quite sure how to take that at first. A … Continue reading

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America’s Zinterview

Sean Salai is a summer intern, and he’s been cranking out significant interviews recently at America, like this one today. What do you think? Sign of a more open editorial policy under Matt Malone? A journalist-in-training racking up points with the … Continue reading

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