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A Conservative Gets It … Sort Of

Damon Linker concedes he got it wrong about liberals and Pope Francis: I was far more skeptical that the new pope would attempt to reform or revise church doctrine … Liberals would therefore have to settle for a moderation of papal … Continue reading

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Leaving a Message

Imagine getting a call from Pope Francis and it going to voice mail. Rorate Caeli linked it, as well as the audio. En Español. What are the nuns doing that they can’t answer [the phone]? I am Pope Francis, I … Continue reading

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Sanitizing Christmas

I thought I had it set up to record the homily tonight, but the portable drive was empty–I hadn’t downloaded all the Christmas audio, and I didn’t replace the cartridge. Anyway, the pastor was relating the telling of a child’s Christmas … Continue reading

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Duck and Cover

A friend of mine is a Duck Dynasty fan. I haven’t spoken with him about it, but inter-office gossip has it that it was unintentional on his part. So when I heard about Phil Robertson giving an interview to GQ … Continue reading

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Do It Right

Catholic political blogger Thomas Peters seems well into his recovery from a devastating spinal cord accident, getting back into writing this month here and here. He seems disinclined to play to his base, the hard-core GOP 6% who disapprove of Pope … Continue reading

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Longing For The Past

I see two Pope Benedict images posted yesterday on the Chant Café. PrayTell linked and translated this piece on the lament of Georg Gänswein: I must be honest with myself about this. It is an ache, finding my way with … Continue reading

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It’s About God

Pope Francis speaks on worship: This is also valid for liturgical ceremonies: what is most important in this liturgical ceremony? Chants, rituals – they are all beautiful… but the most important thing is worship. I see the Chant Café also … Continue reading

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What Draws A Catholic Commentariat?

I surfed to the site of new Patheos blogger Billy Kangas. (Note: he has been an internet presence for six years.) In a little more than a week at the new digs the top commented posts are on Father Z … Continue reading

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Seeking Spiritual Union

Many of my Catholic sisters and brothers desire two colors. White. Black. Period. White and black give perfect clarity in all situations, and help one know exactly what to do. In the case of liturgy, when to sing, what to … Continue reading

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Bitter Fruit

The tremors of civil war continue to shake the Catholic Right. Here. Also, here, in case you wouldn’t have guessed it. I get the unease with the pope. I’ve felt that way once or twice myself in the past thirty-five … Continue reading

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The Lure of Secrets and Conspiracy

While following some of the trails of Catholic conservatives on Pope Francis, more than once a curious strain has popped up. Twice this past weekend, I found reference to prophecies/stories of Clemens Brentano/Anne Catherine Emmerich. I will tell you honestly: … Continue reading

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Lost Opportunity

Paul Moses blogs at dotCommonweal about the NYT piece on conservative reticence about Pope Francis. Lost opportunity for the US bishops? Count me a skeptic on that. This isn’t about the bishops. It’s time for the Catholic laity to grow … Continue reading

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No .catholic For Bloggers

I’m relieved to announce that there will be no Very relieved. That much-coveted suffix will be for Catholic organizations only, not bloggers or other individuals. In the case of “.catholic,” individuals — whether religious bloggers or a cleric — … Continue reading

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The Numbers Narrative

Rochester’s local media dissects Bishop Matano’s presser yesterday. Are numbers important? There is hope that a new bishop will bring new energy and life to a diocese. Bishop Matano focused, it is observed, on settling sex abuse cases. Is that … Continue reading

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Riding The Wave

Thanks to Rocco tweet-whispering my skeptical take on Rochester-is-progressive, this site enjoyed a top day for views yesterday. Still, people looking for readings for their wedding, or for a funeral topped the Rochester musings. So I haven’t been a total … Continue reading

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