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Silence of the Wolves

Another lament about the state of the conservative blogosphere from Dr William Oddie at the Catholic Herald. Dr Oddie on his own writing: More and more, my heart just isn’t in it; and I blog less than I did. Now, … Continue reading

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Open Season or No More Blanket of Protection?

I followed a Catholic Herald link to these Rorate Caeli musings that it now, somehow, open season on conservatives. Whatever that means. Church politics is always complex. I suspect that it might be less a shift and more about a … Continue reading

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A Train Wreck

It’s a nice image, I suppose, multiple tons of locomotive daring to drive where no rail has gone before. Blogger John Vennari, who’s been cited on a handful of sites as the poster boy for Francis Derangement Syndrome: Though this … Continue reading

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More Conservative Angst

The young miss and I were lunching over pizza today. Her last semester final was this morning, and she was in a daze when I pulled into the roundabout at the school main doors. She was talking about the shift … Continue reading

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A Conservative Gets It … Sort Of

Damon Linker concedes he got it wrong about liberals and Pope Francis: I was far more skeptical that the new pope would attempt to reform or revise church doctrine … Liberals would therefore have to settle for a moderation of papal … Continue reading

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Papal Popularity

A slice of Catholic conservativedom is lamenting the popularity of Pope Francis. Bloggers less so, but in the comboxes I read a repeated meme these days: popularity is a danger because Jesus suggested we should aim for the opposite. Or … Continue reading

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This Must Sting

I might be wrong in my reading of the situation in February 2013, but I think there was hope in some quarters of Catholicism that Pope Benedict was setting us up for a more heavy-handed expression of the Roman way … Continue reading

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