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Cardinal Watch

Honduras’s octocardinal, Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga has been getting headlines for what I was reading as a “brotherly” pushback against CDF head and cardinal-to-be Gerhard Müller. I counted no less than nine headers at conservative outlet Pewsitter. John Allen picks up the original … Continue reading

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Marriages, Broken and What?

One of my least edifying experiences in ministry was acting as an advocate for declarations of nullity. In my training, I was urged to accompany the people seeking annulments, looking for opportunities for healing and insight. It was difficult work, reviewing … Continue reading

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Divorced, Remarried, and Canon Lawyers

The Tablet reported on a Würzburg, Germany poll in which divorced and remarried Catholics, by a wide margin, think canonical practice on receiving Communion should change. I’m not a believer in making policy by polls. That said, what do you suppose … Continue reading

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