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Suarez Sinks the English

I see the Liverpool striker has sunk all his English mates from the Premier League with two goals today. I knew his history, abusing opponents verbally and physically. Watching him this season, I was impressed with his work ethic and unselfishness. … Continue reading

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Football There and There

ESPN hosts blogs for each of the English Premier League teams. I’ve been following the ones for Swansea and Cardiff most of this past season. Yesterday all twenty sites posted final grades for the teams. B-plus and F, respectively: no surprise … Continue reading

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Last Day

Because it’s Sunday, and not Saturday, I will have to miss the festival of football on ten NBC networks this morning. It’s also Confirmation at a 2pm Mass, so I’ll miss all the post-game punditry, too. The young miss would be … Continue reading

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Not Quite A Relegation Battle

Today’s early EPL game is Spurs versus WHU. First half is all I get today, as a full Saturday docket awaits at the parish, and I’ve had the last two days off with the recovering patient at home. It’s got … Continue reading

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Bluebirds Of Unhappiness

For a sports league without playoffs, it sure has been exciting to follow the Premier League the past few weeks. Wales looks like a lock to lose one of its teams to relegation after that defeat yesterday. Just desserts, according … Continue reading

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Jubilation and Pink Slips

About two months ago I began keeping an eye on the Championship (a heck of a term for a league that is essentially minor, AAA, and supposedly inclusive of only the 21st through 44th-best football teams in England) and its … Continue reading

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The Drop Zone

Both my teams in the English Premier League lost today. One is squarely in the drop zone to move down to the lower league–how European soccer teams are rewarded for futility. Not with high draft picks, but the demotion of … Continue reading

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Premier League A Plus

News piece on the success of the American presentation of the English Premier League. It’s been fun to watch live on Saturday mornings–I don’t get to the Sunday matches until the wrap-up programs in the evening. Program host Rebecca Lowe: … Continue reading

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