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Taking action

The point being, when something terribly wrong goes on at your parish, what can you do about it? I would agree that lay people should educate themselves on good liturgy. Reading from a wide variety of sources, not just comfortable … Continue reading

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Will the New Rubricism be the death of us?

I sure hope not. Remember this? “Pastors of souls must therefore realize that, when the Liturgy is celebrated, something more is required than the mere observation of the laws governing valid and licit celebration; it is their duty also to … Continue reading

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Cynical Politics

Those who know me know I’m cynical about a very few things in my life. But politics are one of them. Getting into an interesting blog thread here so I’d like to share my thoughts as I change my stripe … Continue reading

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Sensibility on anger at liturgy

Some comments here from Amy Welborn on getting mad (or not) at liturgy. My two cents as I jump off from there: Few are more frustrated than good liturgists at the perceived failings of parish worship. I remember coming down … Continue reading

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Weakland’s retirement

After his retirement in disgrace, admitting to an affair with and a hush-money payoff to a younger man, Archbishop Rembert Weakland has made some appearances lately that have stirred the pot. He was set to celebrate confirmation at his former … Continue reading

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Some musical odds and ends

Kingsfold is one of my favorite hymn tunes. My flute player has a hard adjustment this year, as the parish is learning “I Heard the Voice of Jesus,” and she is used to “Star of the County Down,” a very … Continue reading

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Picking Up

Top ten orthodox Catholic pick-up lines What a fantasy. I would need to be young, single, and conservative. Nah. It’d never work.

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Atlanta Archbishop approves of playacting during liturgy

Really. Check this out. “At the celebration of the Evening Mass of the Lord’s Supper on Holy Thursday, the rite of the Washing of the Feet is optional. Where it is celebrated in the Archdiocese of Atlanta, it is my … Continue reading

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Viewing the Sea of Crises tonight …

… and no, I wasn’t reading the clergy sex abuse report. I was observing Mare Crisium (Latin, by gum!), not centuries old, but about 3.8 billion give or take. The moon. Rookie astronomers think the full moon offers the best … Continue reading

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Sacraments before their time

I was getting into an interesting exchange with a priest friend about the de facto excommunication of Catholic children after infant baptism. He correctly challenged me that excommunication as an ecclesiastical discipline, does not apply to young children, as there … Continue reading

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The Sweep of Conservative Catholic Journalism

Don’t you just stand in awe of the Catholic Right? Who can beat this for impact journalism? Bernstein and Woodward took down a president … Deal Hudson (Crisis magazine) topples a USCCB employee. Read the initial expose here. Then consider … Continue reading

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To observe or not to observe

For the past few years, I’d given up the internet for Lent. I found it a refreshing break from the time spent on the computer, and a welcome break from the emotions stirred up all too often. This year, I’ve … Continue reading

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Look for number one

or “My main reservation about the modern Catholic apologetics trend.” Liturgy and prayer are number one. When young Catholics are studied for churchgoing and other indicative trends of their faith, the single most common factor in an active faith life … Continue reading

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Feast Day!

When I was preparing for baptism in 1970, Father McCarthy, our pastor, asked me about a baptismal name. “Todd” wasn’t a saint’s name, so I would need a new name for baptism. He suggested “Thomas,” because it was close in … Continue reading

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What else would you want a liberal lay minister to do?

A serious question for my conservative readers. How would you suggest I assist in making my parish more friendly to conservative/traditionalist-minded Catholics? Be practical, my friends. I have little or no input on homilies, nor on the appointment of a … Continue reading

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