Daily Archives: 2 April 2004

Bunny on the moon, Bunny in your home

When the moon is about two-thirds to three-fourths lit, you can notice more readily the rabbit. Instead of orienting your perception to the face, turn yourself so that the right eye (the “Man’s” left) is on top, and the mouth … Continue reading

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Whew! The dog will live

“Dad, you have to come upstairs now. It’s urgent,” my daughter just warned me. I rushed from my basement den to find the dog had chewed the “Sunday” end of my pill box and my wife needed to know if … Continue reading

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Being God’s spouse

Discussing elsewhere online today the metaphor of marriage as traditionally applied between Christ and the Church, or between the priest and the Church. As a person of artistic sensibility, I appreciate this metaphor. If I were ordained, I would probably … Continue reading

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A few political thoughts

Various bloggers have decried the Kerry campaign’s seeming attempt to bait a bishop or priest to deny the candidate Communion. I’m not pleased about much of anything I’ve heard in connection with this story. – It is reprehensible for a … Continue reading

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