Daily Archives: 19 April 2004

Reading ideas

Just finished Baxter’s Titan. Hard to put down, but haunting. I’ve been thinking of rereading Zenna Henderson’s collection of stories on The People. Ingathering is the complete collection, which I picked up in hardcover a number of years ago. Anybody … Continue reading

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First Communion

Mine. Not a conventional one. In 1969, my mom pulled me and my sister out of PS number 39 and enrolled us in the neighborhood Catholic school, St Andrew’s. As I began sixth grade that year, one kid befriended me … Continue reading

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On Politics, Spanish & Domestic

Peace, all. Hadn’t intended to be so light about blogging this weekend. It wasn’t really an overly busy one, church-wise. I’m on break from writing baritone sax parts for the Mass of Creation right now. I remember lots of wailing … Continue reading

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