Ordo Missae draft

Thanks to the Australian media, St Blog’s now has a copy of the draft of the Order of Mass. An early version of how the people will say Mass from the pages of your 2008 missalette is available so many places, I’ve not even bothered to link it.

Right off the bat, I noted that old liturgical greeting wishing the people “fellowship” in the Holy Spirit has been retranslated to “communion,” just as my friend Fr Tom at Michigan State used to change it.

My friend Liam’s pet peeve, however, has not been addressed: the scanning of the Sanctus, which he claims (rightly) should read:

Holy holy holy
Lord God of might hosts, etc.

and not “Holy holy holy Lord”

I nominate Liam for ICEL. Between him and a good dose of inclusive language, I think we’ll get it right.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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