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Ice Hockey In Australia

Ice hockey in Australia Hard to believe, but true. If I ever achieve my life’s dream of spending several months visiting Australia, I can rely on a little touch of the north. Advertisements

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Reconciliation, one of a liturgist’s favorite topics

On her excellent blog, Karen Marie Knapp comments on Elena Curti’s piece in the 29 May 2004 Tablet. Here’s the full article. A friend of mine suggests that Pius X, not Vatican II, instigated the most substantial liturgical reform of … Continue reading

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I’ve enjoyed the last four episodes of Enterprise this month. But the end of this episode is a bit twisted. Questions: Did Archer’s decision not to send Malcolm to disable the planet-killing weapon (and thereby not being present at the … Continue reading

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Survey says …

Recent American war policy has been a disaster. Let’s look at the scorecard over the past sixty years. We fought Iraq in 1991 (after supporting Saddam all through the 80’s) and a tinpot dictator outlasts his adversary, our president Bush … Continue reading

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Assigning blame for bad church music

Scattered discussions around St Blog’s about who’s at fault. The nuns. The liberals. The microphone sales staff. The publishers. The bishops. The egotistical musicians. On Fr Jeff Keyes’ blog someone asked me if I was joking for saying the progressives … Continue reading

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Road Trip!

Small Catholic parish of 3500 families seeks an organist/cantor/music director. Qualifications: Must accept the whims of the pastor as being of primary importance. As for weddings, the organist must be guided by the bride’s favorite CD of the Three Tenors; … Continue reading

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Reviews, SF and music

I’m a sucker for reading reviews. Except for his taste for soft porn, I find I agree most often with Roger Ebert when it comes to cinema. Rick Norwood’s bi-monthly column at the sf site is a regular read. I … Continue reading

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