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Letter on the Collaboration on Men and Women

The title seems to be in the right place. Catch the whole content at: Paragraph 2 begins: “Recent years have seen new approaches to women’s issues. A first tendency is to emphasize strongly conditions of subordination in order to … Continue reading

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When we were kids, Dad would take us to a remote and uncrowded beach about 25 miles from home. Days of splashing in the cool waters of Lake Ontario and playing bocce or baseball in the fields near the shore. … Continue reading

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Outside the box

Thank you to the patient comments filling in the gaps of my light knowledge of 19th century European history. Vatican I bishops scurrying from Rome in the face of armed conflict does not exactly conjure confidence in an enduring institution, … Continue reading

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Sports Ticker

I heard that if the Montreal Expos move to Washington, there’s thinking to rename the team after the Homestead Grays, not the Senators. They danced around naming a MLB team for a Negro League team in Kansas City, nodding at … Continue reading

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Theological revisionism

The boldness of Catholic traditionalists amazes me. But I was steered to this commentary in Crisis: as an example of someone who makes the startling admission that maybe, just maybe, some things were a little bit off kilter before … Continue reading

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Loss of a sense of sin

Whom else? The bishops, of course. Some bishops wring hands when the pope talks about apologies. How can we ask forgiveness? We’re Holy. Bishops and others who suggest sex abuse victims are overplaying their hand and that they should just … Continue reading

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Importing seminarians: proceed at your own risk

John Allen in The Word From Rome: “Many observers believe that the handwriting is on the wall for Krenn. In one sign of eroding support, Cardinal Christoph Schönborn of Vienna said on Austrian television that the country’s bishops have long … Continue reading

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Bishops mired in messes of their own making

Sex abuse and cover-up might be making headlines from Scranton to Austria, but the real idol taking a beating is the Almighty Altar of Pseudo-Orthodoxy. Bishops from left coast to right are taking quick action on lay people. Liturgical ministers … Continue reading

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Ralph Nader has a good point on this score

Too bad we don’t have a none-of-the-above option in the presidential race. These predictions: it would increase voter turnout; it would outpoll Ralph Nader; the Big Two would never go for a challenge on their pseudo-constitutional monopoly. Nader proposed it … Continue reading

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Yea, Rhinos The only Rhinos game I have yet seen is the 1999 Cup final against Colorado. I caught it on ESPN2 that year. They might draw Kansas City in a later round, but assuming a baseball conflict isn’t happening in … Continue reading

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Various things as I stay up late

My dear wife’s hamster got loose again last week. We keep the “prey” in the basement (three rabbits, two guinea pigs and Jack the hamster) away from the “predators” on the main floor (three cats and a dog). Jack found … Continue reading

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The Right Rejoices for Richmond

As a former resident of the Richmond diocese, I follow goings-on there, as does my wife. (We met in far reaches of Roanoke thirteen years ago this month.) I met the former bishop, Walter Sullivan, during my job interview. I … Continue reading

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The Right Sees the Light

Michael Rose, well known for his recent books criticizing seminaries and sacred architecture, weighs in on the Austrian seminary scandal here: “What does come as a surprise to many is that such bacchanalia fests would take place at seminaries … Continue reading

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Iapetus, one of my favorite moons

… image here: Fifty percent reflective on one side, four percent on the other. Why? I’m not convinced by the Phoebe drift theory. Phoebe is pretty far out; and what could possibly be the mechanism for Phoebe to lose … Continue reading

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Administration, ownership, etc.

A few weeks ago, a debate partner decried the Vatican II attitude, “the pastor is only the administrator, not the owner of parish property.” I think a pastor needs to be a pastor. Ownership seems at odds with the gospel, … Continue reading

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