Don’t you love good days?

I was having a bad time of it last week, especially toward the weekend. We landed three funerals at the parish. Extra meetings all week. A good friend from California was in town. Except for some walking, I had no time … rather, I took no time for my regular yoga, pilates, or just simple stretching, and my back was complaining by the weekend. By the time last night hit, I was irritable or worse.

Then the sun rose this morning. And for some reason, it seemed like a really great day. I prayed in bed before my wife woke up. I worked this morning, then took the afternoon off (making up for last week’s extra time). The family went out to lunch. Brittany and I hit the public library while my wife did her doctor’s appointment, then we reunited to pick up some anti-spy software and admired (not admired … gawked, really) at the hdtv’s selling for as much (or more) than we paid for our car. We had a good laugh at the refrigerator with a tv in the door (where you would expect to see a water and ice dispenser). I asked the guy at the check-out if anyone had come out with a bed with a fold-out hdtv at its foot.

Chiropractor, then yoga, and my back actually felt good for a change. I had a tough backgammon match in round 6 of the German Open tonight, but I finally pulled it out against a very sound player from Mexico. On to the quarterfinals, sometime in September.

Later this week, Brit starts school, and we go to parents’ night. On the parish front: staff meeting, inspect a grand piano being offered as a gift, hosting seventy-some kids at the Young Person’s Music Retreat (lame name, but hey …), and hopefully getting some piano practice in. Sunday is my baptismal anniversary, so I’ve got a nice festival/spiritual event to look forward to. Be sure to have a good day or two if you can cram one in. Highly recommended.


About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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