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Let’s play hockey

It’s been about ten years since I saw my last NHL games: Red Wings versus the Devils at the Joe. Since then, I’ve seen probably about a hundred minor-league and junior games, most in the USHL. I check my hometown … Continue reading

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There goes the neighborhood Having lived in city neighborhoods as a child and young adult, I never heard concerns such as this. Where I live now, having a parish Catholic school as a neighbor can add up to 20% to the value of … Continue reading

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Deal’s not done

Jeremy Lott sums up the state of affairs here: He posits that the man’s support is waning, though a few bloggers are protesting they’re standing by their man. I wonder if the lack of secular press interest isn’t because … Continue reading

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Bush II is no Dukakis

I was reading an interesting commentary in today’s Sunday paper (Kansas City Star) in which a columnist draws an unflattering comparison between Michael Dukakis and our president. Apparently, during the 1988 election cycle, a group had pieced together various tales … Continue reading

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Paint Painting

Hopefully this translates well to the web site. I was working on a story idea last summer and spent some time drawing a map. I prefer creating maps to stories, so the map was happily successful. I discarded the story … Continue reading

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Happy Family

This is a photo of the three of us just before we moved to Kansas City from Iowa.

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Happy Couple

My wife and I at a parish party shortly before we became engaged. Anita always liked this picture, so I can get away with posting it here.

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What’s on this week’s bookshelf

The Fabric of the Cosmos by Brian Greene. Greene is a truly gifted science writer. The Last Guardian of Everness by John C. Wright. Wright’s debut science fiction trilogy was just outstanding, I thought. This book appears to be a … Continue reading

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This weekend’s liturgical music at the parish

Psalm 34, “Taste and See,” setting by Haugen Hymnody: “We Gather Together” “The Cry of the Poor” or substituted anthem/instrumental at director’s/accompanist’s discretion “On Eagles Wings” “Holy God, We Praise Thy Name” For service music, see last week.

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What’s playing

I was listening to ABC’s (Australia) eclectic weekly program of sacred music For the God Who Sings earlier this week at the office. (You can find it here:; just scroll down to about the third program.) I was struck … Continue reading

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SSPX school forfeits football game rather than take the field against a girl Presented without comment.

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Abortion-Communion confluence

It looks like the Eucharist is heading to be the battleground again in the abortion debate. Too bad, really. There’s still a lot of good energy left in the conflict on its own terms. Sorting it all out, this is … Continue reading

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Deal Hudson and Rembert Weakland

Not without sympathy have I read the numerous efforts to come to grips with the scandal of Deal Hudson by my conservative friends in St Blog’s. One blogger suggests (with a substantial stretch, I think) that the NCR has damaged … Continue reading

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Appropriate liturgy and music for school children

Ava inquired below about appropriate material for children’s liturgy. More people than you want to listen to have their own opinions on this. Obviously I have mine too. 1. Masses with school children should take the parish Sunday Mass as … Continue reading

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The The

Don’t get me wrong; I resist current trends as much as the next individualist, but I don’t see the fuss about the “the” among traditional-leaning Catholics. It’s one thing if I were to start turning nouns, adjectives, or even interrogatives … Continue reading

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