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Let’s play hockey

It’s been about ten years since I saw my last NHL games: Red Wings versus the Devils at the Joe. Since then, I’ve seen probably about a hundred minor-league and junior games, most in the USHL. I check my hometown … Continue reading

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There goes the neighborhood Having lived in city neighborhoods as a child and young adult, I never heard concerns such as this. Where I live now, having a parish Catholic school as a neighbor can add up to 20% to the value of … Continue reading

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Deal’s not done

Jeremy Lott sums up the state of affairs here: He posits that the man’s support is waning, though a few bloggers are protesting they’re standing by their man. I wonder if the lack of secular press interest isn’t because … Continue reading

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Bush II is no Dukakis

I was reading an interesting commentary in today’s Sunday paper (Kansas City Star) in which a columnist draws an unflattering comparison between Michael Dukakis and our president. Apparently, during the 1988 election cycle, a group had pieced together various tales … Continue reading

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Paint Painting

Hopefully this translates well to the web site. I was working on a story idea last summer and spent some time drawing a map. I prefer creating maps to stories, so the map was happily successful. I discarded the story … Continue reading

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Happy Family

This is a photo of the three of us just before we moved to Kansas City from Iowa.

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Happy Couple

My wife and I at a parish party shortly before we became engaged. Anita always liked this picture, so I can get away with posting it here.

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