Saintly Litany

In researching saints’ names earlier this month, I ran across some web sites (thoroughly “orthodox” so far as I can tell) that assisted me greatly in assuring a sound Litany of the Saints for the Easter Vigil.

Here’s a contest for you: without peeking, see if you can accurately diagnose the following litany of saints. How much “heterodoxy” can you find therein?. My friend Fr Shawn went five for five the other day before saying, “No more, no more; I don’t want to spoil my perfect record.” If you have any stories about any of these saints, post them with your answers.

Answers in a day or two. Blessed’s count, Old Testament people don’t.

1. St Amanda: true or not?
2. St Bobo: true or not?
3. St Jennifer: true or not?
4. St Miranda: true or not?
5. St Derek: true or not?
6. St Munchin: true or not?
7. St Trojan: true or not?
8. St Britwin: true or not?
9. St Jordan: true or not?
10. St Hunger: true or not?
11. St Moloc: true or not?
12. St Quadragesimus: true or not?
13. St Jessica: true or not?
14. St Oscar: true or not?
15. Sts Faith, Hope, and Charity: true or not?
16. St Erin: true or not?
17. St Wendy: true or not?
18. St Blane: true or not?
19. St Babar and St Celeste: true or not?
20. St Imogene: true or not?
21. St Hywyn: true or not?
22. Fourteen Holy Helpers: true or not?
23. St Sidney: true or not?
24. St Melanie: true or not?
25. St Zenna: true or not?


About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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