Saints or Not

Thanks, Liam, for playing. Maybe 25 was too many. I’ll tone the numbers down next time.

Amanda, derived from the Latin “love” or “beloved” has “cousins” with the same meaning, but the name was invented about 300 years ago.

Bobo was taken as a confirmation name about seven years ago in Iowa. The DRE was fuming when she heard it echo in the school gym, but what can you do?

Jennifer is a form of Genevieve, patron of Paris

Miranda is just a moon of Uranus

Derek: not a saint unless you figure it as a form of Eric; they have the same meaning.

Munchin is patron of a parish in my diocese

Trojan, Britwin, Jordan, and Hunger: all saints.

Moloc, whether the Curt Jester would believe it or not, was a saint.

Quadragesimus and Jessica: saints.

Liam’s first miss: Oscar is a grouch, not a saint, according to Catholic Online.

Faith, Hope, and Charity are all women saints

Erin no saint, but I would’ve thought otherwise.

Wendy may be a form of Gwen, but that would make Derek a saint, too. Like Miranda and Amanda, Wendy is an invention.

Blane was a saint, Dominic’s immediate successor in the order, if memory serves.

Babar and Celeste: proud pachyderms, but not saints except in the opposite gender forms.

Imogene a form of Veronica? Wow. Otherwise, not a saint.

Hywyn a saint.

Fourteen Holy Helpers: there’s a parish in the Buffalo diocese dedicated to them.

Sidney true as a saint in his own right

Melanie is no saint.

Zenna was a great author of speculative fiction, but not a Catholic saint.


About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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