A Game End to a Vacation

As surface temperatures soar to near 100 in KC, Brittany and I have foregone any earthbound activity the past few days in favor of an old favorite, Solarquest.

Proving adept in other capitalist endeavors earlier this summer, Life and Monopoly, I thought it was time to introduce the Little Moneybags to a game truly out of this world.

My friend Christopher from Illinois introduced me to Solarquest years ago. We had one running battle that lasted several weeks and went to twenty-four hours of playing time. When I left Illinois, he and his parents got me my own game. I’ve probably only played four or five games on it.

In her first game, Brittany has already lasted eight hours (over the past three days). She currently has control over the Saturn and Mars systems. I have all the space docks. The other properties are split evenly enough that we’re in that “eternal” game mode now: we each have enough cash so that bankruptcy is not a looming prospect.

On break this afternoon, we visited the Cassini web site, so she could see actual photos of her Saturn real estate. Cassini scientists, by the way, have summarized their top ten discoveries of the past year in orbit. It’s a useful summary.

Back to earth on Saturday. I have a wedding liturgy outline for 6:30 that has somehow gotten lost. The bride says she dropped it off at the parish office last week, but the pastor hadn’t seen it as of Thursday when I saw him at a staff member’s birthday lunch.

School begins, amazingly enough, in about three and a half weeks. I have some summer projects to complete by then. Mainly, I’ve put my neck on the line to lead a more comprehensive planning program for school liturgy planning. The parish music committee has also charged me and our organist to give them a handful of selections of possible Mass settings to decide upon.

Meanwhile, I go to sleep dreaming of how I can wrest Titan from Brittany’s clutches …


About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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