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Sounds of Saturn

Go here to listen to the sounds of Saturn’s auroras.

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Do Catholics Need Warning Labels?

One interesting movement I’ve noted in St Blog’s is the recent request to move away from labels, especially the liberal/conservative variety. This site, Cosmos, Liturgy, Sex has had some fascinating discussions. David posted an essay yesterday on the topic to … Continue reading

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Cool Zoom

Nice animation zooming in on the icy moon Enceladus. Scientists did not originally consider the possibility of tectonic activity on the small moons of the outer solar system. The spectacular volcanoes of Io were guessed at shortly before the 1979 … Continue reading

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Christus Dominus 12: Bishop and Diocese part 2

Teaching is “conspicuous among the principal duties” of bishops, so it says in Christus Dominus 12. It also says what you might expect it to say: emphasize the saving mission of Christ, teach according to Church doctrine, support human good … Continue reading

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