Christus Dominus 12: Bishop and Diocese part 2

Teaching is “conspicuous among the principal duties” of bishops, so it says in Christus Dominus 12. It also says what you might expect it to say: emphasize the saving mission of Christ, teach according to Church doctrine, support human good (family, work, leisure, the arts, science, etc.). Then it says this:

Finally, they should set forth the ways by which are to be answered the most serious questions concerning the ownership, increase, and just distribution of material goods, peace and war, and brotherly relations among all countries.

In other words, the exact content of the much-villified USCCB pastoral letters of the 80’s, those on peace and on economic justice.

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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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1 Response to Christus Dominus 12: Bishop and Diocese part 2

  1. Fr. Paul McDonald says:

    Except that they are not to propose contingent political solutions AS IF the teachings of Christ demanded them. Indeed they are not meddle in specific political questions since there are persons in the Church to whom such task belong: the Laity, as taught in the Second Vatican Council: “the laity, by their very vocation, seek the kingdom of God by engaging in temporal affairs and by ordering them according to the plan of God (Lumen gentium 31) and if I am not mistaken the Council says that this task is “specific” to the Laity. Therefore it does *not* belong to the bishops.

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