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Christus Dominus 13: Bishop and Diocese, part 3

Christus Dominus section 13 continues the chapter discussed in the past two CD posts. Bishops must be able to teach “in a manner adapted to the needs of the times, that is to say, in a manner that will respond … Continue reading

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Cleaning House

I’ve also been updating the sidebar over there. Check out a few of those sites listed. One new blog is author Chet Raymo’s Science Musings. I’ve dropped in there from time to time, but the past few weeks I’ve been … Continue reading

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Simulating Space

As opposed to the real thing, you can also check out this web site to get views of solar system moons and planets from dozens of vantage points at any given time over a period of decades. This is how … Continue reading

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Where We’ve Been

Okay. That worked for web photos. Let’s try my hard drive. Don’t ask me the web site where you can go and click off the states or countries you’ve visited and they give you a map of your travels. The … Continue reading

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Saturn From Below

Anita is off to do some shopping this morning, so I’m playing with some picture posting things. Here’s Saturn at an angle you don’t see from earth.

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