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Chant: Pride of Place, part 2

Liam and others have good questions and comments on part 1. Clearly, the ideal parish will sing somewhere between all or none where chant is concerned. How much is enough to satisfy “pride of place?” The Vatican doesn’t tell you. … Continue reading

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Chant: Pride of Place or the Only Place? Part 1

Vatican II says it; you can’t get around it: “The Church acknowledges Gregorian chant as specially suited to the Roman liturgy: therefore, other things being equal, it should be given pride of place in liturgical services. But other kinds of … Continue reading

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Responding to Iraq

While I believe the reasoning behind our engagement in Iraq is terribly faulty, the truth is that many good people respond in heroic ways to that challenge. Reader Fred sends this from the Kansas City area, a feature on a … Continue reading

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New Orleans

As I write, the AP reports that the mayor of New Orleans says that the city might need to set up a temporary morgue, “food and water are scarce and an atmosphere of lawlessness has set in as police and … Continue reading

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Another Tribute to Brother Roger

The fine weekly Australian sacred music program, For the God Who Sings, included a tribute to Brother Roger this past weekend. You can get the feed until late next weekend, if you care to listen in. This show always has … Continue reading

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God Behind Barbed Wire

The current Christianity Today has an article by Phillip Yancey on the German theologian Jürgen Moltmann, who converted to Christianity in the desolation of a prison camp after World War II as he became aware that God “was present even … Continue reading

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Freddy the Pig

Brittany and I were talking about books over lunch today. She’s been reading books from a few mystery series. Last week she borrowed seven books from the library and has already finished five ot them. I told her about the … Continue reading

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Pray for New Orleans

I (Neil) am writing this on Sunday night. If anyone should chance to read this, please say a prayer for – and in solidarity with – New Orleans: For Fair Weather. For use at times when the prayer for Fair … Continue reading

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The Mars Rover Spirit has reached the top of a hill. Operating well over a year past their planned mission end, each rover continues to explore the surface of Mars. Check out JPL’s Mars page to get the latest photos … Continue reading

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Athens and Cologne (Or, The Remarkable Lesson of Professor Ratzinger)

(from Neil) The Italian journalist Sandro Magister’s latest dispatch is titled (in English translation), “After Cologne: The Remarkable Lesson of Professor Ratzinger.” Unlike a certain bishop-catechist who tried to win over the young people at World Youth Day by reciting … Continue reading

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“What’s going on with Tobit??”

Glad you asked. Seven songs are done. I have scored the vocals for the duets, including Tobit’s and Sarah’s simultaneous prayers for death, and Tobiah and Sarah’s song (8:4-9) in their wedding chamber. The canticle (all of Tobit 13) has … Continue reading

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Blog Commentary

In yet another stimulating exchange on a blog somewhere, I was again challenged, ” …. when I find you commenting on liturgy and leaving people the impression that you are orthodox, I’ll call you every time. Because that’s the ROOT … Continue reading

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School Liturgy Planning: The Involvement of Children

Over the past seventeen years, a lot has changed. In 1990, I made a deal. I had been spending two years teaching “Liturgical Music” to school kids as a “special,” a supplement to their regular music class. Forty minutes every … Continue reading

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Parallel Universes

Do you know the concept? Some historical incident went differently than it did, and a science fiction author goes to town on the possibilities opened up from it. Ward Moore’s time traveller from a 1950’s science commune in the impoverished … Continue reading

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Christus Dominus 44: The Last Word

Delegation. Love it or hate it, the council indeed left many specifics to the future work of bishops, commissions, and experts in particular fields. This sacred synod prescribes that in the revision of the code of canon law suitable laws … Continue reading

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