Daily Archives: 1 August 2005

Glorious Saturn

This is that great color shot of Saturn Jane mentioned in a thread below. Most of the b&w shots from Cassini are what the “camera” (if you can call it that) sees on a particular wavelength of light. In other … Continue reading

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Christus Dominus 14: Bishops and Catechesis

Fairly relevant section, I think, this Christus Dominus 14. Behold: Bishops should take pains that catechetical instruction-which is intended to make the faith, as illumined by teaching, a vital, explicit and effective force in the lives of men-be given with … Continue reading

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Tenth Planet

First photographed two years ago, but announced Friday, three astronomers have discovered a body larger than Pluto orbiting about nine billion miles away. The artist’s depiction is just to the left here. Is it a planet? This will reignite the … Continue reading

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