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One down, Three to go

Oh yeah. Time for another run on MLS teams. This one wasn’t even close. Advertisements

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Opposition Effect

Even a die-hard moonman like me can appreciate the beauty of this one. The sun is “behind” the Cassini probe in this one, reflecting back to the spacecraft. A bit more explanation is here, plus a link to another shot … Continue reading

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“That’s no spaceship; it’s a moon”

Mimas with prominent crater Herschel. Cassini was in the neighborhood yesterday.

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Greek Gratin

I was watching my favorite food show Monday evening. I sat in amazement as this dish was being prepared. Cool, I thought: lasagne with potatoes instead of noodles. How useful was this information, especially for a household that, as much … Continue reading

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A Short Reflection on Violence

from Neil In an article about just war theory published last year in Theological Studies, the Franciscan theologian Kenneth Himes writes that moral theologians are now talking about a “jus post bellum” – a “set of moral norms to govern … Continue reading

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