On the Radio, On the Shelf, etc.

Driving home the other night, I was channel surfing at the red light, when I heard the interesting strains of voices, footsteps, and violins playing backwards. I knew it was “Fire on High,” by ELO, one of my little bro’s all-time favorite bands. One of mine, too. We actually played his vinyl lp backwards (Like to see you try that with a cd, audiophiles!) to interpret the words. As I hear classic rock tunes from the 70’s today, it’s interesting how my perception of music has changed since then. Some songs and bands I still like. Many I don’t.

A small satchel of cd’s arrived the other day, including Jonathan Elias’ The Prayer Cycle, which I heard on Australian public radio several months ago and loved. I also replaced a lost cd from years ago, Williams’ The Five Sacred Trees. I also ordered Hovhaness City of Light Symphony and Cello Concerto, the former I have on another disk, but I wanted this cd mainly for the cello work with which I was unfamiliar. I’ve also had Garrett Fisher’s The Passion of Saint Thomas More for a few weeks now. It’s sheer brilliance. Makes me wish I could go back to school and learn to be a real composer.

With all this listening, I’ve been a slow reader since finishing Harry Potter’s latest adventure. I have barely started Richard Ellis’ No Turning Back, reviewed here. And I’m trying to make progress on Sinclair Lewis’ Main Street. I read Arrowsmith when I was in high school and really enjoyed it. (My sister asked, “Oh, is that about the rock band?”) As I delve into the Lewis book, I wonder if this would have been more appropriate when I lived here.

Other than that, school starts for the women of the house over the next few weeks. Anita will take a class in botany here to fulfill the “hard” science requirement for her degree. She was chagrined at paying $160 for a text and a lab book. I just shrug. You do what you gotta do. It’s part of getting your college degree.

We spent at least that much on Brittany’s clothes for the school year, which begins here next week. I’m still amazed at how much kids grow. Anita rightly eschewed the usual deals at the end of last Spring, and she’s right. Our daughter has pretty much outgrown her entire wardrobe from last winter. Keep it up, kid; you’re doing great.

And me? I was watching AB’s appearance on All-Star Kitchen Makeover last week. Not seriously dreaming of a career change like his, mind you. But maybe I should check out some learnin’ for myself sometime soon. You have to broaden horizons from time to time, not spend every waking moment on the computer, you know.


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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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