Finished Robert Reed’s Marrow (reviewed here) and The Well of Stars (reviewed here) earlier this week. Good SF that could’ve been better. The basic idea is an interstellar ship the size of Neptune is inhabited with tens of billions of people. The human discoverers are in charge. And they’re virtually immortal, living for 100,000 years, as the action in these books unfold.

I’ve started the first ten or so pages of this book. My wife was a bit curious when she started seeing books on the other side of our bed at night without spaceships or planets on the cover. It would be cool to find an author who can treat SF with the personal depth and writing skill I enjoy in authors like Cather or Conrad.

Back to the library today: a coffee table book on Mars exploration. Lots of photos from Mars probes, but I can’t recall the author’s name.

Read any good books lately?


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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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