Lay People Getting a Congregation?

John Thavis at CNS speculated a few days ago:

It took Pope John Paul more than 10 years to devise a mini-reform of the Roman Curia. The expectation is that Pope Benedict may work faster and more substantially, combining some agencies when necessary. One scenario has the Pontifical Council for the Laity being elevated to a Congregation, absorbing the Pontifical Council for the Family.

I’d like to hear from Rock or any other St Bloggers/Vaticanisti who might provide more background on the significance of this step. Jumping ahead a bit in CS’s examination of AA, the PCftL was proposed in section 26, and formed less than two years after the promulgation of the Vatican decree. Catch a good summary here on the Vatican web site.

This description struck me:

The Members of the Council are 32 Bishops, priests and, especially, lay people, men and women, from all parts of the world, who meet in an annual Plenary Assembly to deal with matters which seem at the time of greater urgency for the life and mission of the laity. With the Council also cooperate 30 Consultors, who are convoked for working sessions or consulted individually on specific matters.

I think it would be way cool to serve on this Council. My readers might be surprised to learn I’d prefer an assignment like this than serve somewhere in the CDWDS. Think of all the advantages:
– More time in committee, less for blogging/trolling/annoying the trads
– One less liberal liturgist taking liberties stateside
– I could end up getting Romanized like John Allen and turn out to be a decent guy
– Best of all, my little girl would get a chance to see a bit of the world. (Though she’s lobbying for China over Rome.)

Pray about it, if you would.


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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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