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Taking Responsibility

He did what a leader is supposed to do. As far as his job’s concerned, I’m satisfied. Time to look at other culprits, and put together the whole story.

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One of an astronaut’s greatest fears, but I bet no SF has been written about being lost in space for political/economic reasons.

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Australia, Yes; US, No

Another capital city archbishop tendered his resignation. It was accepted. Does it mean Pope Benedict likes McCarrick more than Carroll?

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Sketch 4: Simply Catholicism

“We are back to “simply Catholicism,” which locates power in Christ and in his gift of authority to the Twelve. The church preaches Jesus Christ, not herself; but Christ cannot be adequately known except from within his Body, the church. … Continue reading

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Sketch 3: The Problem With Conservatives

I will critique “a type of conservative Catholicism” which makes the same error as liberals in an excessive preoccupation with the church’s visible government. This point will be short, since I presume most of you tend toward liberal Catholicism and … Continue reading

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Sketch 2: Contemporary Liberal Catholicism: Exhausted or Not?

” … I believe it is not unfair to call contemporary liberal Catholicism an “exhausted project,” even though some of my best friends are liberal Catholics.” George says exhausted. I say the cardinal is engaging in wishful thinking. Let’s take … Continue reading

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Sketch 1: The Liberal Catholic Project

  Cardinal George first gives an informative and basic lesson in the history of philosophy. This is the soundest portion of his essay. He assesses the Enlightenment (or modernity) as having two premises:   1. Essentially, that human beings possess … Continue reading

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