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Bishop Finn Profiled

The Kansas City Star published a good profile on Bishop Finn in Saturday’s religion section. On administrative reorganization: A new leadership team is better able to take a fresh look at the various diocesan agencies, Finn said. “It would be … Continue reading

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Don’t Follow Your Heart

I’m about to become very predictable in posting a few lines from Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury. Beliefnet, you see, has an excerpt from the Anglican primate’s latest book, Where God Happens : Discovering Christ in One Another and Other … Continue reading

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Monteverdi: Musical Revolutionary

This workshop I attended Saturday was a dissection of Claudio Monteverdi’s Vespro della Beata Vergine 1610, led by Simon Carrington and sponsored by the Friends of Chamber Music here in KC. My only disappointment was not singing more of the … Continue reading

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Adoremus Top Ten

While I was in the neighborhood, checking out the Hitchcock-Trautman tussle, I noted the results of an Adoremus Bulletin reader’s survey of top ten Catholic hymns. 1. Holy God We Praise Thy Name 2. Ave Verum Corpus 3. Immaculate Mary … Continue reading

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Adoremus Hijinks

I check the Adoremus web page now and then. One of our associate pastors here at the parish left years ago, but his Adoremus Bulletin still arrives regularly. (I wonder why he didn’t give them a change-of-address notice.) Bishops Trautman, … Continue reading

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Good Weekend, Wordplay, and All That

Busy weekend navigated. My dear wife’s birthday was Saturday. In my parallel life at church, I scheduled myself for a fascinating workshop analyzing Monteverdi Vespers in anticipation of this concert. Anita was not too pleased, but seeing as how she … Continue reading

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