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You Could Really Write A Symphony on This Theme

Follow this link for a great new shot of Saturn’s rings. There’s a good selection of videos, too. On site this week: a shoreline on Titan, spokes popping up from the rings, and this Friday’s close encounter with Tethys. JPL … Continue reading

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From Australia, From the New World

I often link ABC Online (Australia) in my posts. I enjoy their programming, which is driven by a staff of radio professionals who are clearly serious about serious music, but also bring the disarming Australian qualities of friendliness, familiarity, and … Continue reading

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AA 6: Definitions, Clarifications

Two definitions, for starters: The mission of the Church pertains to the salvation of men, which is to be achieved by belief in Christ and by His grace. The apostolate of the Church and of all its members is primarily … Continue reading

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AA 5: Lay Apostolate–It’s Not Just in the World

A sort of segregation-speak has cropped up in the Church recently. It flows against the stated intent of the second Vatican Council. AA5 begins the second chapter of the decree, the one which sketches out the objectives of the lay … Continue reading

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