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So Articulate

I love third graders. I especially love my daughter. Innocent still, yet able to speak wisdom. The other week, Brittany shared this gem: I’m not a woman yet, but I am a young lady.

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AA 9 and 10: The Various Fields of the Apostolate

Chapter 3 of AA (Decree on the Apostolate of the Laity, Vatican II) leads off with this: The laity carry out their manifold apostolate both in the Church and in the world. In both areas there are various opportunities for … Continue reading

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SF for the Uninitiated

Frequent guest Brigid asked about Dune when her turn at the SF author quiz turned up that tome’s creator, Frank Herbert. On occasion I run across someone nearly or totally uninitiated to the world of science fiction and they ask … Continue reading

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Christian Paideia

This is from a sermon preached by the Rev Dr Nicholas Sagovsky, Canon of Westminster Abbey, at Matins on August 28. The main text was Revelation 3:14-end. Dr Sagovsky, I might mention, is also an Anglican member of the Anglican-Roman … Continue reading

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Creeds Compared

Rock posted the latest ICEL incarnation of the Creed. Compare to the authentic Latin version on the left. Maybe you’d like to take your own crack at translating it. Who knows? ICEL may give you a call. I believe in … Continue reading

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