Daily Archives: 29 September 2005

If I Ran a Science Fiction Network

Bernard gave me food for thought on the last SF thread. He’s right and I’m wrong there’s absolutely no good SF on tv. Battlestar Galactica is better than average, though there’s something about it that doesn’t quite grab me. Maybe … Continue reading

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Moving Beyond Baby Food to a Balanced Diet

Picking up on a comment below about fruit cultivation … Just returned from the annual diocesan retreat day given for clergy and lay staff and co-sponsored by the Center and the Priestly Life & Ministry Office. A good speaker and … Continue reading

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“The Bishop Wants an Apple Orchard”

The diocese held its first of three information gathering sessions for the adult formation task force. It felt like St Blog’s Live, though with a 60-40 prog tilt rather than 25-75. Some people said some articulate things. Some people said … Continue reading

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