The Weekend in Review

Friday’s concert of Monteverdi Vespers was magnificent. Other friends were heading to celebrate the beginning of the Michael Stern Era with the KC symphony.

I thought my wife wouldn’t have liked it so much, but she definitely did. Brittany was more fascinated with the Folly Theatre itself. And the chocolate truffles for sale in the lobby. I enjoyed seeing one of my musical heroes, Paul O’Dette, performing as part of Tragicomedia.

I had a good time cooking for our dinner guests Saturday: a substantial chicken curry made with three types of citrus juices, and an odd assortment of spices, some yellow rice with tomatoes and fried corn, biscuits, and peanut butter-chocolate brownies. The latter was a box mix, but it was quick. I cannot get a good feel for baking cakes and brownies from scratch. And if AB says mixes are ok, I’m good with that.

The rest of the weekend wasn’t as spectacular. I did have a spectacular lapse and missed an important appointment on Saturday I thought was at 3, but was really at noon. That was very bad. I also came to church to discover that all the risers for the children’s choir had been stored away. This, after careful negotiations with the pastor, the wedding liaison, and the bride’s family to leave most everything in place. Our custodian took it upon himself to “clean things up” for the Saturday night wedding. So it was off to church at 9PM last night to get seven risers in place for this morning’s 10:30 Mass, knowing our parishioners don’t appreciate the loud clacking of set-up in-between liturgies. Also knowing our custodian wouldn’t appreciate a suggestion he get over there at 5:30 AM to tackle the task before the 7:30 Mass crowd began trickling in.

The kids did sing well, but with their parents and a full church and all, the AC was woefully strained, and it was quite warm, especially under the lights. Two got sick during Mass. Our VG complimented the choir on their prayerfulness as well as their singing. The first comment pleases the liturgist; the second pleases the director. Actually each comment pleases both of us, and our good start continues.

A good chunk of my small choir was out-of-town, but our drummer was back, and we picked up another new singer. If only I could find one or two more men; SAB would be no problem. Dreaming big, it would be nice to have three more male singers to do some full four-part arrangements. The eight women singers I have now are strong enough to tackle three parts without blinking. Our new singers are really skilled at blending, and the overall vocal sound is far advanced over three years ago when I arrived. For the rest of the year, my task is easy: build confidence and stretch them.

If I can find a way to circumvent the administrative aggravations, I could look forward to showing up for the weekend Masses and not wonder about surprises concocted in my absence on Friday.


About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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