Viatorian Throws Down the Liturgical Gauntlet

Rock is the man of the hour for your up-to-date synod stuff. So go there.

He reports this gem from Father Mark Francis, Superior General of the Viatorians. That’s as in not victorian. Read:

If the synod is to have a positive effect on the Eucharistic life of the faithful, practical means for training and encouraging priests to better understand the Sacred Scriptures, to prepare homilies that truly proclaim the Good News, and to cultivate an effective celebratory style all need to be emphasized in seminary formation and in on-going programs of formation for priests and deacons. For example, how many of our seminaries devote time to the practical matter of preaching or to liturgical presiding? As a Superior General, in reviewing the seminary formation of my candidates for priesthood in the 14 countries where my community is at work, it is my impression that they are given little in the way of practical help in homiletics or liturgical presiding. Undoubtedly there are sociological arid other factors that militate against Mass attendance of the Christian faithful. But rather than simply blame our Catholic people’s lack of faith and the secularization of society for the small percentage who attend Mass in many countries, we also need to acknowledge with sadness that bad preaching, and poorly prepared and poorly executed Eucharistic celebrations sometimes drive good people away from the Church.

Why do I feel as if the sun has passed from behind a cloud? I am so sick and tired of hearing clergy whine about those pagan Catholics coopted by the culture reading the Sunday paper in bed after having sexual intercourse outside of marriage.

More of Francis! Less of Scola! Do I show my true colors by saying the Synod is more fun than NFL Draft Day?


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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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