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Quiz Time

This quiz sure has me pegged, eh? The years following the Second Vatican Council was a time of collapse of the Catholic faith and its traditions. But you are a young person who has rediscovered this lost faith, probably due … Continue reading

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From the Synod: A Sensible Bishop

Go here for the full text of Bishop Lungu’s address to the synod. First highlight: In number 42 it states that in liturgy, a person looks not at himself but God. The document therefore needs to emphasize more on the … Continue reading

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“Why Can’t I Find Jesus?”

To which I might reply, “Because you didn’t look for him.” Overheard a few weeks ago: a Catholic from another parish saying he spent weeks after he moved to Kansas City trying to find the Blessed Sacrament in a tabernacle. … Continue reading

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The Earthquake

Today our prayers should be with the people of Pakistan (and India, which was also affected). The New York Times is reporting that the earthquake may have killed 30,000 human beings and wounded 40,000 more. People have been trying to … Continue reading

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AA14: Large Scale Apostolic Work

This section of Apostolicam Actuositatem gives rather vague endorsements to large scale lay efforts on the national level and beyond. Promoting justice is an obligation, even a common good laced with “moral precepts.” The hierarchy sees this as a preparation … Continue reading

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