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Get The Terminology Straight, Please

EWTN and CWN fumble this one. The E’s headline: VATICAN RELEASES NOTE BARRING DEACONS, LAITY FROM ADMINISTERING LAST RITES Picking up a Catholic World News story the Vatican’s been sitting on for eight months: “A Vatican document that was approved … Continue reading

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AA 19: Lay Associations Are “Not Ends Unto Themselves”

AA19 sets forth some sobering considerations to balance a free ranging approach. First, associations must put the spiritual well-being of members foremost, even above the particular apostolate(s) itself: Among these associations, those which promote and encourage closer unity between the … Continue reading

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AA18: Strength In Numbers

People are naturally social. Recognizing that, AA notes God has naturally emphasized that in the plan of salvation: “… it has pleased God to unite those who believe in Christ into the people of God (cf. 1 Peter 2:5-10) and … Continue reading

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Testing Science?

Author and blogger Chet Raymo sensibly weighs in on biologist Robin Allshire writing a retraction for an earlier scientific paper, admitting no one, not even his own laboratory, has been able to duplicate the results of the original experiment. Raymo … Continue reading

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Procedure Changes

From my bulletin column last week: A change for Eucharistic Ministers: you’ve noticed it. I wanted to take some column space to explain it. In 2003, we revised Communion procedures to be in accord with the latest General Instruction on … Continue reading

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