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We’re In A Movie

It’s here, on the Messenger mission web page. It’s not one of the JPL biggies, but it might well prove to be one of the top space missions of the next decade. I always thought Mercury seemed to be too … Continue reading

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The Conditional Apology

  Have you noticed them? They usually begin, “If I have offended someone …”Air Force football coach Fisher DeBerry was understandably upset about losing 48-10 to TCU last weekend. He said the opposing school “had a lot more Afro-American players … Continue reading

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Will Ozzie Be Next?

  Now that Miers has withdrawn from consideration, that’s the question. The Miers nomination has the whiff of being a Bush choice all the way. It seems like it was a choice the president insisted upon and nobody in his … Continue reading

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What’s an Education for?

The following is from today’s BBC “Thought For The Day,” delivered by Dom Anthony Sutch, former headmaster and monk of Downside Abbey: So the essential heart of the system is the expectation of the best. To that end we need … Continue reading

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