AA 21: If The Clergy Like It, It Must Be Good

According to AA 21, that is.

All associations of the apostolate must be given due appreciation. Those, however, which the hierarchy have praised or recommended as responsive to the needs of time and place, or have ordered to be established as particularly urgent, must be held in highest esteem by priests, Religious, and laity and promoted according to each one’s ability. Among these associations, moreover, international associations or groups of Catholics must be specially appreciated at the present time.

From my time in the Diocese of Richmond, I remember the support Bishop Sullivan gave to the Madonna House communities. They told me he requested a house be set up in Roanoke, the chief city in the western part of the state. Madonna House had a clear apostolate which was supported, not propped up by the bishop’s support. I don’t think an apostolate sinks or swims on the bishop’s opinion, though. The bishop himself runs the risk of looking childish or vindictive by not endorsing an apostolate that is clearly fruitful.


About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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