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Let The Games Begin

My first bridge night in about a month. I played a good bit in college, then began to play again when I lived in Iowa. It has a rep for being an old person’s game. It’s probably deserved. It also … Continue reading

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Moon Race Beta

Another human race to the moon. NASA targets 2018 as the year. The Chinese go one better, according to this story. At least the NASA motto isn’t “Been there, done that.” On the NASA site, check out the “interactive features,” … Continue reading

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On Conservatives and Progressives

  According to Emerson, “Each is a good half, but an impossible whole.” Emerson’s essay “The Conservative,” found here, linked by the outstanding Science Musings Blog. “Each exposes the abuses of the other, but in a true society, in a … Continue reading

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Neglecta Est

CNS reported earlier this week on Latin, fading from use, even in official circles, most notably last month’s synod. Vatican Radio, which broadcasts in more than 30 languages, including Esperanto, has no programming in Latin. But it does feature a … Continue reading

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AA 23: One Big Happy Family

AA 23 begins “chapter five” of the document, a larger section dealing with “External Relationships” Whether the lay apostolate is exercised by the faithful as individuals or as members of organizations, it should be incorporated into the apostolate of the … Continue reading

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AA 22: Lay Professionals

What do you think AA said about them? Deserving of special honor and commendation in the Church … Really. Read on.  … are those lay people, single or married, who devote themselves with professional experience, either permanently or temporarily, to … Continue reading

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What is a Good Sermon? (Part IV)

I gather that a certain Vatican report might be released just before or after you read this (making my post more or less relevant, who can say?). Part III of my humble series suggested, after a consideration of St Paul’s … Continue reading

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