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Catholicism and Race

Last Thursday, Rocco Palmo wrote, “You know, I haven’t seen anything in these parts over the last week and a half about Rosa Parks.” The “nothing from many, if not any, of us, from the bishops, from our pulpits, nothing” … Continue reading

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Snapshots From The Peanut Gallery

It’s a good reason why I’m pleased to be apolitical these past twenty-some years. There are some great causes out there, being pro-life and pro-peace for two examples. But too many flummoxed people can’t keep their eye on the prize, … Continue reading

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AA 26: Lay Councils

AA 26 speaks of them to “assist the apostolic work of the Church either in the field of evangelization and sanctification or in the charitable, social, or other spheres …” and recommends the cooperation of priests and Religious. While preserving … Continue reading

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AA 25: Rights for Lay People and Lists for Priests

AA 25 continues with its theme of cooperation … Lay people have rights: Bishops, pastors of parishes, and other priests of both branches of the clergy should keep in mind that the right and duty to exercise this apostolate is … Continue reading

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