Snapshots From The Peanut Gallery

It’s a good reason why I’m pleased to be apolitical these past twenty-some years. There are some great causes out there, being pro-life and pro-peace for two examples. But too many flummoxed people can’t keep their eye on the prize, so to speak. Note that Jimmy Carter makes a strong statement against abortions. On a popular blog, these comments rain down:

This might be more impressive if Carter had been actually doing something concrete to express his stance these past three decades …

I seem to recall Carter appointing proaborts to important positions and taking a “personally opposed” position …

Over the years I’ve come to dislike Carter. I think his nice-guy reputation is not very well deserved, and that he’s been an abominable and classless ex-president.

… my recollection is that Roselyn Carter was the prolifer …

Pres Carter wasn’t always the flaming moonbat that he is now …

This loser had earlier consolidated his reputation by signing away the Panama Canal …

And the peanut gallery sounds a lot like what you might expect to hear from the pro-choice section. But these were people who claimed to agree with him. So much for gratitude. If Marie Bain reversed course and decided to join the cause at the local branch, this crew would probably break out the tar and feathers.

It confirms in my mind that many pro-lifers, especially the inhabitants of St Blogozone’s, might just need to take a long political vacation. If you want to make a difference, then adopt a child, volunteer at a pregnancy crisis center or a clinic, but please, for the good of the cause, keep your heads down and mouths closed.


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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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