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Putting ID to Bed in the Science Classroom

There’s lots of confusion about evolution, ID, and creationism posted on this blog. Putting it simply, one can define science as: A branch of knowledge or study, especially concerned with establishing and systematizing facts, principles, and methods, as by experiments … Continue reading

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Moons in Triplicate

Nice image of Dione, Tethys, and Pandora. They seem to float above the rings, but in actuality, the larger two orbit a good bit beyond the rings. Pandora is one of the shepherd moons whose irregularly shaped bodies range from … Continue reading

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Christians Out Of Time

Easter on March 22nd? Don’t be stunned; it’s already happened four times since the Gregorian calendar began in 1582. Are you writing a science fiction story that involves Easter in some future year? Check out this site which will calculate … Continue reading

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The Problem with Torture

I never thought that I would write about this subject. But we really should be much more profoundly disturbed by the extraordinary rendition of prisoners to countries that practice torture and the operation of CIA “black sites” where international law … Continue reading

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Happy Holidays, Bill

I’m hearing Christmas crooning on my radio dial. So it’s time for the annual whining about those nasty godless pc-ites transforming “Christmas” into a mere “Holidays,” in a merry to happy way, if you get my drift. Advice: get over … Continue reading

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Saturn’s Mostly Colorless Moons

This shot contrasts Dione with the coloration of Saturn’s rings. In the image archives, there are some views of moons next to the gentle yellow-brown of the planet or rings. They all seem bland. Even Titan has an orange sameness. … Continue reading

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Wrapping Up AA30

Catechists must be well-formed: Teachers and educators on the other hand, who carry on a distinguished form of the apostolate of the laity by their vocation and office, should be equipped with that learning and pedagogical skill that are needed … Continue reading

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