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Nostra Aetate

I’ve missed the anniversary by a few weeks. This shortest of the Vatican II documents, however, is well worth an examination, especially in these times in which some Catholics seek to turn back the clock of reform. The whole document … Continue reading

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Remembrance Sunday

Yesterday was Remembrance Day in Great Britain. In 1919, King George V proclaimed that a respectful silence be kept on what was then “Armistice Day” to remember those who had died in the Great War: “All locomotion should cease, so … Continue reading

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Bookshelf and Screen

Lots of books on the shelf these days. I’m in the middle of Karl Schroeder’s Lady of Mazes (reviewed here). It’s good, but not outstanding. It’s a break from the more interesting titles in Time’s Top 100 Novels since 1923. … Continue reading

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